Malaysian Trumpet Snails Care Guide: All You Need To Know

Malaysian Trumpet Snail

Are Malaysian trumpet snails good? The answer is no; Malaysian trumpet snails are an invasive infestation in your aquarium. Only some hobbyists choose to get these snails as pets. In most cases, trumpet snails are bought as food for other aquatic animals or for profitable farming purposes. However, that does not mean Malaysian trumpet snails … Read more

Assassin Snail Care Guide: Truth of The Killer Snail

Assassin Snail

Assassin snails are not good algae eaters. They are not good for cleaning your tank’s waste or huge algae build-up. However, assassin snails are good at getting rid of pest snails like the Ramshorn and Malaysian trumpet snails. These bumblebee-like snails are very attractive with their yellow and dark brown colors. They are known for … Read more

Bladder Snail Guide: Size, Lifespan, Care, Diet & More

Bladder Snail

Bladder snails can be good or bad, depending on whether you intentionally introduced them to your aquarium. These snails are active waste and algae eaters, which makes them an excellent option for low-maintenance waste management. You can physically introduce them to your tank to do the job, but most aquarists do not get bladder snails … Read more

What Are Mystery Snails? How To Care?

mystery snail

Mystery snails are not only peaceful and nonintrusive animals, but they are also attractively colorful creatures that will add some oomph to your aquarium while helping clean up the algae at the bottom. These lovable creatures are an aquarist’s best friends, capable of serving their tasks throughout their one-year lifespan. Caring for mystery snails is … Read more

Top 13 Best Aquarium Fish that Eat Snails

fish that eat snails

Snails like the Nerite and Mystery snails are highly recommended when you are looking for a low-maintenance way of keeping your aquarium clean. They are great helpers that actively feed on decaying waste and algae deposited throughout the tank. However, a pest snail infestation is something every aquarist will eventually have to deal with. Snail … Read more

Nerite Snails Guide: Types, Care, Food & Tips

Nerite Snails

Nerite snails are the perfect freshwater algae cleanup crew for any new hobbyist. These one-inch aquatic animals are resilient and require incredibly minimal care to clean your tank, making aquarium maintenance much more manageable. They are preferred as algae feeders over mystery snails because their small size makes them a perfect fit for 5-gallon tanks. … Read more