Goldfish Poop: What Should It Look Like?

goldfish poop

If you’re a goldfish keeper or are interested in taking up this rewarding hobby, there’s one thing you’ll have to learn about – and that’s goldfish poop. Goldfish poop is important since it can tell you all about the eating habits and health of your goldfish, allowing you to keep them in good health. And … Read more

What Kind of Water Do Goldfish Need?

what kind of water do goldfish need

If you are considering getting a Goldfish, you are probably already aware that fish have surprisingly complex needs. Not understanding a fish’s requirements can have serious consequences, and may result in your fish getting sick or even dying. With that in mind, we’re going to cover some of the basics you’ll need to know about … Read more

23 Ideal Tank Mates for Your Goldfish

what fish can live with goldfish

There seem to be a variety of species that could thrive with goldfish; therefore, you’ll have lots of options if you’re seeking for exotic species to introduce to your aquarium. But, it’s not possible for every small freshwater species to be the ideal match for your goldy. Every kind of goldfish has specific requirements. For … Read more