Goldfish Turning White: 7 Reasons & What to Do

why is my gold fish turning white

Symmetrical color changes are the first things you want to look out for when you are concerned about the color changes in your goldfish. Goldfish are a unique species that were conceived through thousands of years of selective breeding. This has led to goldfish having many dormant genes, including color genes, that regularly affect how … Read more

Betta Fish Popeye: Early Signs, Treatment, & Care

Betta Fish Popeye

Even when you are an experienced fishkeeper, having infections in your tank could be very upsetting. Fish may suffer injuries or develop illnesses despite having the safest tank. Popeye is among these diseases. While the condition can be triggered by a variety of factors, including infection, it could also be caused by trauma. Popeye may … Read more

Fish at Bottom of Tank: Why & Solutions

fish on bottom of tank

Many newbie fishkeepers start to freak out when they find their pet fish still at the tank bottom. They believe there is a major issue. If fish are regularly seen lying near the bottom of the aquarium, it is considered natural behavior. You should look into the issue if this habit is new or is … Read more