Fin Rot Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

fin rot

Perhaps one day, you noticed the fins on your aquarium fish looking a little discolored or otherwise abnormal, but you’re not sure what the problem is and hence, aren’t sure how to fix it. In this article, we’ll be looking at the issue of fin rot, and the ways you can identify it and subsequently … Read more

Fish Swimming in Circles: 10 Reasons

why is my fish swimming in circles

Maybe you’ve noticed your fish swim in circular motions. Is it normal? Is this something you should worry about? It is not uncommon for fish to cruise in circles. There could be many different causes of this odd behavior. For example, males can behave this way when protecting their territory. Sometimes the reasons can be … Read more

18 Common Guppy Diseases: Reasons & Treatments

guppy diseases

Guppies sometimes referred to as million fish, are beloved aquatic animals that are recognized for their vivid colors and joyful temperament. Because of their resilience and versatility, they are a preferred option for both novice and professional fish keepers. Just like all biological creatures, guppies are vulnerable to a variety of illnesses that could make … Read more