Betta Fish Popeye: Early Signs, Treatment, & Care

Betta Fish Popeye

Even when you are an experienced fishkeeper, having infections in your tank could be very upsetting. Fish may suffer injuries or develop illnesses despite having the safest tank. Popeye is among these diseases. While the condition can be triggered by a variety of factors, including infection, it could also be caused by trauma. Popeye may … Read more

Can Betta Fish Live Together?

Can Betta Fish Live Together

The last time I visited the pet shop, I noticed that betta fish are individually placed in a small 1-gallon tank equipped with a lighting system, filter and live aquatic plants. Despite being solitary, they look happy as water condition and feeding is well taken care of. But on another occasion, what I witnessed was … Read more

Types of Betta Fish: Tails & Colors for Your Home Tank

betta fish

Betta fish are among the most attractive freshwater species due to their bright colors and spectacular tails. Spotting the differences between various kinds of betta fish might be difficult for beginners. Bettas come in a wide range of tail styles, color combinations, and patterns. Continue reading if you have no idea about what kinds of … Read more