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Bony Fish

Osteichthyes (o-sti-IK-thes) is made of two Greek roots that mean “bony fish” (bony -osteinos and fish –ichthys). Bony fish are a taxonomic group of fish that have bone. Class Osteichthyes includes all bony fishes. Like all fishes, Osteichthyes are cold-blooded vertebrates that breathe through gills and use fins for swimming. Bony fishes share several distinguishing features: a skeleton of bone, scales, paired fins, one pair of gill openings, jaws, and paired nostrils. The vast majority of fish are osteichthyes, which is an extremely diverse and abundant group consisting of 45 orders, and over 435 families and 28,000 species. It is the largest class of vertebrates in existence today.


  • Tautog


    (Tautoga onitis) The Tautog is more commonly known as “tog or blackfish.”  They are brown and dark … Read More
  • Permit


    Falcatus, a Latin adjective that translates to “armed with scythes,” appropriately describes the large sickle-shaped dorsal fin … Read More
  • Black Drum

    Black Drum

    The black drum gets their common name from a large and elaborate swim bladder, that has special … Read More
  • Gray Snapper

    Gray Snapper

    The gray snappers species name griseu translates from Latin to the word gray.  They are also commonly … Read More
  • Fu Manchu Lionfish

    Fu Manchu Lionfish

    The body of the Fu Manchu Lionfish is decorated with black, white and red vertical stripes. These … Read More
  • Moray Eels

    Moray Eels

    The dark green to brown color of the green moray eel comes from a yellowish mucous that … Read More
  • Regal/Hippo Tang

    Regal/Hippo Tang

    The Regal Tang is known by a long list of alternate names, including the Blue Tang, Pacific … Read More
  • Sailfin Tang

    Sailfin Tang

    Sailfin tang are members of the surgeonfish family. Habitat They are indigenous to the Pacific Ocean and … Read More
  • Mandarin Dragonet

    Mandarin Dragonet

    Mandarin dragonets are distinctive due to their unusual shape and intense coloration. They have a broad, depressed … Read More
  • Yellow Tang

    Yellow Tang

    Yellow tang are in the surgeonfish family. They are bright yellow in color. At night, the yellow … Read More
  • Red Fairy Anthias

    Red Fairy Anthias

    They form complex social structures based on the number of males and females and also their position … Read More
  • Emperor Snapper

    Emperor Snapper

    This fish is also known as the Government Bream, because it is marked with an array of … Read More
  • Porcupine Puffer

    Porcupine Puffer

    The family name Diodontidae is derived from Greek and literary means “two teeth”. All Porcupine puffer fish … Read More
  • Clown Triggerfish

    Clown Triggerfish

    The top half of the fish is mostly black with a yellow patch containing black shapes. The … Read More
  • Queen Triggerfish

    Queen Triggerfish

    The body of the queen triggerfish is regally colored with purple, blue, green and yellow (hence the … Read More
  • Black Triggerfish

    Black Triggerfish

    When in the water, it appears to be completely black. However, if it is taken out and … Read More
  • Miniatus Grouper

    Miniatus Grouper

    The Miniatus grouper or Coral grouper has a bright red body with metallic blue spots. The word … Read More
  • Clownfish


    There are 30 different species of clownfish. The clownfish are very colorful with the body being a … Read More
  • Red-bellied Piranha

    Red-bellied Piranha

    The name piranha comes from the South American native language Tupi-guarani and means “cuts the skin.” It … Read More