16 Best Aquarium Plants to Reduce Nitrates

best aquarium plants to reduce nitrates

Expert aquarists are meticulous about water chemistry. They frequently test their water parameters and go crazy whenever the results fall behind or beyond the normal range. Nitrates are among the many water parameters measured. Although nitrate tolerance varies per species, keeping it under 25 ppm is ideal and will not harm your fish. However, if … Read more

Dwarf Aquarium Lily (Nymphae Stellata) Care Guide

dwarf aquarium lily

The Dwarf Aquarium Lily (Nymphaea stellata) is a hardy, low-maintenance plant popular among new and experienced aquarium enthusiasts. With wide, vibrant green leaves, delicate flowers, and conspicuous colors, this stunning plant adds a touch of elegance to any aquarium. Besides their visual appeal, dwarf aquarium lilies offer several benefits to any aquarium ecosystem. For example, … Read more

18 Best Easy Aquarium Plants for Beginners

easy aquarium plants

A tank with water and a few fish – that’s mostly the setup if you are a newbie aquarist. With limited knowledge, you want to keep it easy and uncomplicated. But as you progress in your aquarium hobby, you will feel that your bare and naked tank is boring and not satisfying anymore. Having decorations … Read more

Top 25 Low Light Aquarium Plants: Tall, Float, Carpet & More

low light aquarium plants

All aquarium plants need light for photosynthesis. However, their light requirement varies per species. While most prefer moderate to intense lighting, there are aquarium plants that can survive in minimal light conditions. Collectively known as low-light aquarium plants, these aquatic florae are perfect for simple and unsophisticated tanks that do not require the installation of … Read more

Fish Dying After Water Change: Why & How To Save

fish dying after water change

Improper water changes still remain among the most common causes of aquarium fish deaths. This is a prevalent problem among many beginner hobbyists, but even experienced aquarists lose one or two fish to small errors during the water-changing process. Many things can go wrong to make your fish die immediately after a water change. Preventative … Read more

Popeye Fish Disease: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

popeye fish

Maybe one day you happened to take a closer look and noticed some fish in your tank displaying bulging eyes and you’re not sure what to do in this situation. In this article, we’ll look at a phenomenon known as popeye disease, including its causes, its symptoms, treatment and prevention options, and if it’s dangerous … Read more

Can You Hold or Touch an Axolotl?

can you hold an axolotl

The axolotl, commonly called the Mexican salamander, is a fascinating animal that is becoming extremely popular among many animal lovers. These unique creatures belong to Mexico and are widely kept in captivity as pets due to their curious and docile nature. However, many people wonder if it’s safe to hold an axolotl. You can hold … Read more

How to Lower & Remove Ammonia in Fish Tank?

how to lower ammonia in fish tank

Perhaps you’ve noticed your fish beginning to display symptoms of ammonia poisoning, or you just happened to test your aquarium water and noticed the ammonia level was high, but you aren’t sure what to do about it. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the different ways you can either lower or eliminate … Read more