14 Best Algae Eaters: Snails, Shrimps & Fish

best algae eaters

A small number of algae growing in your tank is typical. However, with conditions like stagnant water, excessive lighting, and other factors of poor water quality, you can expect algae to grow and infest your tank. It may be too late if the population of algae is in full bloom. Aside from causing massive mortality, … Read more

Banana Plant for Aquarium Care Guide

banana plant for aquarium

Maybe you’ve one day come across an aquatic banana plant in your local fish store, but you’re not sure what it is you’re looking at and how to care for it. In this article, we’ll show you what these plants are exactly, the best ways for you to care for them, and any problems you … Read more

7 Humane Ways to Euthanize a Fish at Home

how to euthanize a fish

As a fish owner, it is unfortunate to know that euthanasia is essentially part of the job. Learning how to euthanize your fish humanely is a skill you will have to master if you are planning on becoming a long-term fish owner, be it as a hobbyist, pet owner, or researcher. How you euthanize your … Read more

How Many Cherry Shrimp Per Gallon? Ideal Stocking Density

Cherry Shrimp

Being tiny, peaceful and colorful, Cherry Shrimps are fast becoming a popular aquarium pet. Aside from being an ornamental shrimp that greatly improves the aesthetic beauty of your tank, this crustacean (being an algae-eater) is also used to naturally control the growth of unwanted algae. In my years of being an aquarist, what I have … Read more

Perfect Goldfish Water Temperature: Ideal Temp Range

goldfish water temperature

Goldfish are known as the most commonly-owned fish, which are available at many pet shops all across the globe. Goldfish are among the world’s longest-lived species, having the oldest surviving goldfish lasting 49 years. Overall, goldfish housed in tiny containers could survive up to five years, whereas those housed inside the tanks may survive up … Read more

Brown Hair Algae: How To Manage Them?

Brown Hair Algae

Hair algae in general are prolific species. With the right conditions, they will grow and rapidly multiply. I personally experienced the hair algae’s fertile behavior after I came back from a month-long vacation. Before I left the house, my 20-gallon tank was aesthetically beautiful with the splendid greenery of live aquatic plants. But when I … Read more

How to Clean Fish Tank Gravel?

How to Clean Fish Tank Gravel

Cleaning your fish tank gravel is an important part of aquarium maintenance. All the fish waste, uneaten food, and dirt that falls to the bottom of the substrate aren’t going to disappear by themselves! That’s why you need to remove it manually or with a gravel vacuum. And to help you know the right way … Read more

What Is kH in Aquarium? How to Stabilize it?

What Is kH in Aquarium

Monitoring physical and chemical parameters is part of tank maintenance. Aquarium geeks, like me, tend to do this everyday as we would like to give the best environment for our fish. Yesterday, when I measured the acidity and alkalinity of my tank water by reading the pH level, I noticed that it slightly went up. … Read more

Do Fish Have Brains? How Do They Function?

Do Fish Have Brains

Perhaps you’ve one day wondered whether fish, especially the small ones we tend to buy for our aquariums, have brains since they’re so small and seemingly simple-minded. In this article, we’ll take a look at the anatomy of fish to see if they have brains, and, if so, what their functions are. Fish do have … Read more

13 Best Aquarium Plants for a Sandy Substrate

aquarium plants for sand

Perhaps when you first set up your aquarium, you chose sand as your substrate, and are now wondering what type of plants would work best in it. In this article, I’ll be showing you the top aquarium plants that are most suitable for a sandy substrate so that you can quickly set your tank up … Read more