How Often Do Angelfish Lay Eggs? & Eggs Stages

How Often Do Angelfish Lay Eggs

Angelfish are popular aquarium fish. These tropical fish are available in various colors and sizes, which contributes to their widespread popularity among aquarium keepers. They live2-15 years and breed quickly. Furthermore, these fish are resilient and easy to care for. If you choose to breed these species, you might have to handle a large number … Read more

Do Goldfish Need an Air Pump? (Oxygen Requirement)

Do Goldfish Need an Air Pump

We always have the impression that goldfish are happy fish. They often socialize with other fish and sometimes play with the bubbles emitted from your air pump. But is the case the same during a blackout and your air pump suddenly stops working? What do you think will happen? Let me answer this with a … Read more

What Do Goldfish Eat? What if Out of Fish Food?

What Do Goldfish Eat?

One of the most important aspects of proper goldfish care is giving your pet balanced nutrition in the appropriate quantities. Fish can suffer a lot if they consume a poor diet or quantity. Although goldfish can happily accept most items, it is important to provide them with a diverse diet. It helps in keeping the … Read more

How Big Do Koi Fish Get & How Fast Do They Grow?

How Big Do Koi Fish Get

The koi fish that we are currently familiar with was created via artificial breeding from wild fish that Japanese rice farmers had first captured. Koi are simply brightly colorful types of Amur Carp. You may be curious about how huge a koi fish could become if you plan to raise this gigantic species in your … Read more

Can Fish Eat Bread? Is Bread Bad for Fish?

can fish eat bread

Every fishkeeper has run out of food for their fish at some point and had to make do with what they have around the house. As you’re searching your kitchen for food you can give your fish, you may have come across a loaf of bread and wondered whether you can feed it to your … Read more

Electric Blue Ram: Care, Diet & Tank Mates

Electric Blue Ram

The electric blue ram is one of the most stunning freshwater species in the aquarium hobby. With their bright blue coloration, peaceful nature, and inquisitive personalities, they make a great addition to any tank. However, the species can be difficult to keep as they are generally quite sensitive. It’s important to provide them with the … Read more