Stressed Betta Fish: Causes, Signs & How To Help

Stressed Betta Fish

Siamese fighting fish sometimes referred to as betta fish, are a well-known aquarium species that are admired for their striking colors and distinctive personalities. But then, just like any other animal, betta fish can feel stress, which can impair their health and reduce their lives. In order to maintain the health and happiness of their … Read more

Halfmoon Betta Fish: Types & Care

Halfmoon Betta

Halfmoon Bettas are one of the most popular fishes in the aquarium hobby. Few other fishes have the same elegance, aesthetic appeal, and interesting personality that this species has. Not to mention that it can be a very hardy fish to keep. But no matter how beautiful and low-maintenance a fish is, you still need … Read more

African Peacock Cichlids: Types, Tank Mates, & More

Peacock Cichlid

Peacock cichlids are among the most attractive freshwater fish, with over 20 different mesmerizing colors. Some are naturally colored, like the red and blue peacock cichlids, but you won’t look far to find selectively bred colors that match your taste. Despite being African cichlids, the peacock cichlid is relatively peaceful and will fit into many … Read more

11 Best Top-Dwelling Fish For Your Tank

top dwelling fish

Are you looking to balance your aquarium and improve its aesthetics? Consider introducing some top-dwelling fish. As the name suggests, top-dwelling fish or surface dwellers prefer cruising around the top level of the tank. They usually have upturned (upward-facing) mouths designed for surface feeding. Also, their fins slung far back, allowing them to swim under … Read more

Top 10 Best Oscar Fish Tank Mates

oscar tank mates

Are you looking for the best mates for your Oscar? Native to the Amazon Basin, South America, the Oscar fish (Astonotus ocellatus) is one of the most popular species of freshwater cichlid to keep in the aquarium. Also known as the “water dog”, these fish stand out for their vibrant colors, unique personalities, and intelligence. … Read more

What Do Axolotls Eat? (Top 8 Nutritious Food)

what do axolotls eat

Axolotls are interesting creatures that have drawn the attention of pet parents and freshwater enthusiasts. As a potential axolotl owner, it is important to learn about their nutritional requirements for their growth and well-being. In this article, we’ll explore the natural diet of wild axolotls and options for captive diets. Whether you’re a seasoned owner … Read more

Goldfish Turning Black: 5 Causes & Treatment

why is my goldfish turning black

If you have a goldfish, rarely will a day go by without you taking a peek at them. Because of their playful swimming and social behavior, they always get our attention. Glancing at our goldfish daily is not just about fun and enjoyment. Aside from being aware of the condition, looking for changes will not … Read more