Electric Blue Ram: Care, Diet & Tank Mates

Electric Blue Ram

The electric blue ram is one of the most stunning freshwater species in the aquarium hobby. With their bright blue coloration, peaceful nature, and inquisitive personalities, they make a great addition to any tank. However, the species can be difficult to keep as they are generally quite sensitive. It’s important to provide them with the … Read more

Fish at Bottom of Tank: Why & Solutions

fish on bottom of tank

Many newbie fishkeepers start to freak out when they find their pet fish still at the tank bottom. They believe there is a major issue. If fish are regularly seen lying near the bottom of the aquarium, it is considered natural behavior. You should look into the issue if this habit is new or is … Read more

Types of Betta Fish: Tails & Colors for Your Home Tank

betta fish

Betta fish are among the most attractive freshwater species due to their bright colors and spectacular tails. Spotting the differences between various kinds of betta fish might be difficult for beginners. Bettas come in a wide range of tail styles, color combinations, and patterns. Continue reading if you have no idea about what kinds of … Read more

18 Freshwater Aquarium Shark Fish Types

freshwater aquarium sharks

The trend of housing sharks in freshwater aquariums has recently attracted more attention. Aquarium sharks are in high demand among fish lovers. Still, most people instinctively picture a creature with sharp teeth, a streamlined, torpedo-shaped form, and a tall triangular dorsal fin when they hear the word ‘shark.’ Contrary to popular misconceptions, it’s cool to … Read more

Roseline Sharks: Care, Diet & Tank Mates

Roseline Shark

Many fish instantly blow your mind. Roseline sharks can do that with their fascinating colors as well as their quick shark-like movements. They undoubtedly help keep the tank lively. These sharks are appealing to the eyes and would look perfect in a public aquarium. They are easy to maintain, provided their water surroundings fulfill the … Read more