A Beginner’s Guide to Freshwater Angelfish Types


The angelfish is one of the iconic fish species that most people know on sight. Their flowing fins, eye-catching shapes, and fascinating grace when swimming never fail to draw one’s eye. More than that, they’re also relatively hardy and easy to care for. You’ll have no problems keeping angelfish in your home aquarium as long … Read more

Top 22 Most Popular Fish With Big Eyes

Fish With Big Eyes

For many aquarists, our aquarium setups are our pride and joy. We want to feature aquatic worlds that arouse people’s interest. And what better way to do this than to display aquarium fish with fascinating features, such as prominent eyes? In this post, we’ve listed down the best aquarium fishes with big eyes. We guarantee … Read more

Top 15 Freshwater Schooling Fish for Your Aquarium

Freshwater Schooling Fish

Few things are more fascinating than watching schooling aquarium fish play in their beautiful habitat. It’s easy to wonder: What’s the best schooling fish you can put in your home aquarium? That said, beginner and even intermediate aquarists can find it overwhelming to decide which species to keep for their latest aquarium. After all, there … Read more

13 Ideal Tank Mates for Your Discus

discus tank mates

Discus are one of the most beautiful fish you can own, even more so when paired with a stunning setup and the right tank mates. But, as discus are notoriously sensitive to water quality, you need to choose their roommates carefully. That’s why we’ll be covering some of the best discus tank mates so you … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Freshwater Puffer Fish

freshwater puffer fish

If there’s one thing that hobbyists look for in a fish, it would be personality. There’s just something about seeing a touch of intelligence in how your fish swim and interact with the world around them that’s incredibly rewarding to witness. And if you’re looking for personality, the puffer fish has it in spades. They … Read more

30 Coolest Freshwater Fish For Your Aquarium

cool freshwater fish

Discovering the wonders of the underwater world from the comfort of your home is a captivating experience – and setting up a freshwater aquarium can be a rewarding journey for any fishkeeping beginner. But with an abundance of fascinating options, it can certainly be overwhelming to decide which fish species to keep. In this article, … Read more