Fantail Goldfish: Fancy But Easy-Peasy

Although the Fantail goldfish has fallen out of favor in goldfish beauty pageants, it remains a popular choice among novice hobbyists. Fantails make for a beautiful centerpiece in a community tank due to their bright coloration and flowing tail fins! Compared to their competitive cousins, these goldfish are less sensitive and demanding. You can get … Read more

What Do Clownfish Eat? In the Wild & Aquarium

what do clownfish eat

In keeping our aquarium fish, we are very keen on knowing their preferred parameters and ideal water conditions. We are very particular about maintaining their temperature range, ph, hardness, and water chemistry. We even invest in mechanical accessories and test kits to help us determine the state of their water environment. However, keeping our aquarium … Read more

White Cloud Mountain Minnows Care

white cloud mountain minnows

White cloud mountain minnows, known as white cloud minnows, are a tiny but resilient freshwater fish species native to China’s Guangdong Province that have long been intrigued by aquarium lovers. Due to their simplicity of maintenance, versatility, and attractive look, these fish are sometimes regarded as the best species for beginners. White cloud minnows bring … Read more

What Do Crayfish Eat? As Pet & In The Wild

What do Crayfish Eat

Crayfish are wanderers. Aside from spending time in their territorial hiding places (like stones and holes), they usually roam around the substrate and on elevated objects (like aquatic plants and driftwood). However, they are nocturnal and highly active when dark. Since we are asleep at night and our aquarium lights are off, we don’t see … Read more

12 Ideal Tank Mates for Your Crayfish


In the realm of gastronomy, Crayfish are a delicacy. But in our beloved aquarium hobby, Crayfish is a prized possession and a precious pet. Yes, Crayfish are the 10-legged invertebrates we see wandering around the tank, especially in the substrate. Most of the time, aquarists keep them alone in the tank. However, this should not … Read more

Dojo Loach Care: A Fish that Predicts Bad Weather

Dojo Loach

When it comes to fishkeeping, beauty isn’t everything. Many have become captivated by the Dojo Loach for its interesting character. And believe it or not, the rumors are true. The Dojo Loach, aka Weather Loach, can help predict an approaching storm. How? In this article, you will discover many things that make this species enchanting! … Read more