17 Best Cichlid Tank Mates: An Ultimate Guide

Best Cichlid Tank Mates

If you’re like most cichlid enthusiasts, you probably want to keep a few different species of cichlids in your aquarium. Unfortunately, not all cichlids can be kept in a community tank. In fact, many cichlids are quite aggressive and will fight with other fish, including other cichlids, which makes it hard to find good cichlid … Read more

African Cichlid Tank Size & Setup Guide

african cichlid tank

African cichlids are one of the most popular fishes in the hobby, with various species being available in almost all pet shops around the country. If you want to start a new fish tank, these vibrant and active cichlids are a good option. But before you start raising African cichlids, you must know their tank … Read more

Bamboo Shrimp: Care, Diet, and Breeding Guide

bamboo shrimp

Invertebrates are a popular choice among those who want to brighten up their tanks. Small animals like Bamboo Shrimp will surely excel in this part. They exhibit several unique characteristics that are not found in vertebrates or other shrimp varieties. These species are really easy to care for; therefore, even newbies can easily manage them. … Read more

Bolivian Ram Cichlid: Care, Diet & Tank Mates

Bolivian Ram Cichlid

If you already have an aquarium with amazing freshwater species and are searching for a quiet, exotic fish, then the Bolivian Ram is one of the best. These lovely species make an excellent addition to an existing communal tank because they are very quiet and won’t bother other species or crustaceans in your aquarium. These … Read more

How Long Do Different Cichlid Species Live?

African Cichlid

African waterways including Tanzania and Tumbuka are the habitat of a huge community of species called African cichlids. Cichlid subspecies are available in a number of bright hues and are common tank animals. The lifespan of these bright, appealing cichlids is from 6 to 10 years. It represents a normal cichlid lifetime; however, it varies … Read more

Platy and Molly: Similarities and Differences

Platy and Molly

Because of their bright colors and high activity, mollies and platies are highly sought after by both amateurs and professionals but, due to their similar appearances at first glance, they can sometimes be difficult to differentiate. In this article, we’ll be going over the similarities and differences between the appearances, origins, and behavior of these … Read more

Koi Betta Fish: Care & Types Guide

Koi Bettas

Because of their beauty and personality, bettas are some of the most well-loved pets in the aquarium hobby. Plus, with all the different Betta variants out there, you can surely find something that will strike your fancy. One of the newer variants that are taking the aquarist hobby by storm is called the koi betta, … Read more

9 Best Small Fish for 1 Gallon Tank

Small Fish for 1 Gallon Tank

Fish make excellent pets, particularly for those who live in small spaces and are searching for aquarium species that require less maintenance. They are great pets for your kids to learn how to properly take care of animals and keep their habitats clean and healthy. Fish are peaceful pets that don’t require walking or cleaning … Read more

Can Peaceful Ghost Shrimp Live With Bettas?

Can Peaceful Ghost Shrimp Live with Bettas?

Housed in a splendid 20-gallon tank, Betty, my betta fish, is an attraction in my house. Whenever friends come to visit me, they always spend time with Betty. They usually pull a chair and sit down near the tank while being mesmerized by its long decorative fins. During Betty’s 1st birthday, my friend passed by … Read more