Diamondback Terrapin (malaclemys Terrapin)

Diamondback Terrapin

The Diamondback Terrapin gets its name from the diamond-shaped growth rings on the back of its shell. The word “terrapin” comes from an Algonquin word for edible turtles that live in brackish water. You can count the age of a terrapin by counting the rings on its scutes. Each scute is unique just like fingerprints … Read more

Roseline Sharks: Care, Diet & Tank Mates

Roseline Shark

Many fish instantly blow your mind. Roseline sharks can do that with their fascinating colors as well as their quick shark-like movements. They undoubtedly help keep the tank lively. These sharks are appealing to the eyes and would look perfect in a public aquarium. They are easy to maintain, provided their water surroundings fulfill the … Read more

Moray Eels (Gymnothorax Funebris)

Moray Eels

While many people are familiar with the green moray, moray eels come in a range of sizes, colors, and patterns. The dark green to brown color of the green moray eel comes from a yellowish mucous that covers its blue skin to provide protection from parasites and infectious bacteria. Additionally, they are often camouflaged to … Read more

Cownose Ray(Rhinopterus Bonasus)

Cownose Ray

The rays in this tank are called Cownose rays. Cownose rays are related to sharks and skates. They get their name from their unique forehead, which resembles the nose of a cow. They are brown to olive colored. Their tails can range in length, some can be twice as long as their body. Habitat Cownose … Read more