Bladder Snail Guide: Size, Lifespan, Care, Diet & More

Bladder Snail

Bladder snails can be good or bad, depending on whether you intentionally introduced them to your aquarium. These snails are active waste and algae eaters, which makes them an excellent option for low-maintenance waste management. You can physically introduce them to your tank to do the job, but most aquarists do not get bladder snails … Read more

Dalmatian Molly Fish: Care, Diet, & More

dalmatian molly fish

The Dalmatian Molly is well-known public shared tank species. These energetic fish enjoys swimming in clusters, making them the center of attraction in a freshwater tank. This species, which may be located in the somewhat shallow seas of California and Antigua, has been domesticated by aquatic enthusiasts all over the globe. Get your dalmatian molly … Read more

The Best Water Temperature for Betta Fish

betta fish water temp

If you’re an enthusiastic fish keeper in a colder climate, it’s important to know the ideal water temperature for keeping Betta fish healthy. Bettas, also known as fighting fish, originate from Southeast Asia, where temperatures usually trend warmer than they do in places like North America or Europe. This is why it’s essential to create … Read more

How to Breed Betta Fish? (With Crossbreeding Chart)

how to breed betta fish

Breeding betta fish can be an enjoyable process with great rewards. You’ll have the opportunity to watch as your breeding efforts pay off, producing beautiful new generations of bettas for you to admire and love. Whether you’re breeding bettas for show or just to enjoy yourself, you’ll find that there are many considerations when it … Read more

What Are Mystery Snails? How To Care?

mystery snail

Mystery snails are not only peaceful and nonintrusive animals, but they are also attractively colorful creatures that will add some oomph to your aquarium while helping clean up the algae at the bottom. These lovable creatures are an aquarist’s best friends, capable of serving their tasks throughout their one-year lifespan. Caring for mystery snails is … Read more

Top 13 Best Aquarium Fish that Eat Snails

fish that eat snails

Snails like the Nerite and Mystery snails are highly recommended when you are looking for a low-maintenance way of keeping your aquarium clean. They are great helpers that actively feed on decaying waste and algae deposited throughout the tank. However, a pest snail infestation is something every aquarist will eventually have to deal with. Snail … Read more

What Kind of Water Do Goldfish Need?

what kind of water do goldfish need

If you are considering getting a Goldfish, you are probably already aware that fish have surprisingly complex needs. Not understanding a fish’s requirements can have serious consequences, and may result in your fish getting sick or even dying. With that in mind, we’re going to cover some of the basics you’ll need to know about … Read more

Top 10 Best Carpet Plants for Aquarium

aquarium carpet plants

If you have a planted aquarium, adding carpet plants is a must. Although these plants fill the aquarium foreground only, they can create an entire environment for fish. Carpet plants are regarded as the lawn of aquariums. They allow other plants to grow from them. This way they add both filtering and oxygen properties to … Read more

10 Common Betta Fish Behaviors Before Death

betta fish behavior before death

Betta fish are a species of freshwater fish that live in rice paddies, slow-moving streams, and stagnant pools. They are known for their beautiful colors and their fighting ability. While Bettas are some of the most popular pet fish because of their beauty, they are not easy to care for. That’s because they often change … Read more