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Boney Fish
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Emperor Snapper

(Lutjanus sebae)

This fish is also known as the Government Bream, because it is marked with an array of scarlet- red colored bands that resemble an arrow. These markings resemble the broad arrow that is placed on government materials by the British Board of Ordnance.


Emperor Snappers are to Native to the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific. Although most Emperor snappers live near coral reefs, some species are found in areas of less salty water in the mouths of rivers. The young of some species school on sea grass beds and sandy areas, while larger fish may be more solitary and live on coral reefs


They feed on smaller fishes, crabs, stomatopods, crustaceans, and cephalopods.


Broadcast spawners which means spawning takes place when animals release their eggs and sperm into the water, where fertilization occurs externally. They also do not guard their eggs once they have been hatched.


These fish are prey to larger predatory fish and sharks.