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About Us

About US

The Atlantic City Historic Waterfront Foundation (ACHWF) was incorporated in 1976 and functions in a public-private partnership with the City of Atlantic City specifically to operate, preserve and maintains one of New Jersey’s premier waterfront destinations, Historic Gardner’s Basin. The ACHWF is a 501 c tax-exempt organization. Its purpose is to educate the public about the regional environment and the creatures that inhabit it through marine education programs for schools, youth groups and adult tours, preserve and inform the public regarding the area’s maritime history, provide public waterfront recreational access and foster the use and development of Historic Gardner’s Basin.

Historic Gardner’s Basin is located at New Hampshire Ave. and the Bay. Gardner’s Basin sits on the hub of Absecon inlet commanding magnificent vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, Absecon Inlet Absecon Bay as well as Atlantic City’s three waterfront casinos.

The Park incorporates the following elements:

  • Atlantic City Aquarium and Marine Education program
  • Crafters Village
  • Theme Commercial
  • Waterfront Restaurants
  • Recreational Commercial Docks, Boat rides
  • Recreational Marina
  • Traditional Fishing Docks
  • Maritime Exhibits

The Basin is accessible by car, boat and bus and is located 2 miles from the Atlantic City rail line. The Basin has parking for 200 cars, 16 buses and 50 boats.

The Atlantic City Aquarium, which opened in May 1999, is the most dynamic addition to the basin. The Aquarium provides a first class experience for shore visitors. The Aquarium also offers a unique educational field trip for students. It’s a great way to introduce visitors, classes or community groups to New Jersey’s Coastal Marine Environment.[ssba_hide]