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Fish With Big Eyes

Top 22 Most Popular Fish With Big Eyes

For many aquarists, our aquarium setups are our pride and joy. We want to feature aquatic worlds that arouse people’s interest. And what better way to do this than to…

axolotl types

17 Types of Axolotl: A Quick Guide

Axolotls are quiet little aquatic amphibians that have recently gained popularity among aquarium enthusiasts, and for good reason. Their exotic appearance, undemanding personality, and innate uniqueness make them pretty great…

discus tank mates

13 Ideal Tank Mates for Your Discus

Discus are one of the most beautiful fish you can own, even more so when paired with a stunning setup and the right tank mates. But, as discus are notoriously…

Betta Fish Flaring: Signs, Causes, & Solutions

Few fish species are arguably as well known in the aquarium hobby as the Betta fish. Also known as Siamese fighting fish, these beautiful creatures display an impeccable array of…

Can Axolotls Go on Land

Can Axolotls Go on Land? Dos & Don’ts

Axolotls are some of the most fascinating pets that you can own. From their dragon-like appearance to their mysterious behavior, there’s a lot to love about this gorgeous reptile. That…


All About Bloodworms for Fish: A Full Guide

Bloodworms are among the most popular “fish treats” around, and even the most newbie aquarists can buy them in frozen or freeze-dried form. That said, there’s so much more to…

freshwater puffer fish

Top 10 Most Popular Freshwater Puffer Fish

If there’s one thing that hobbyists look for in a fish, it would be personality. There’s just something about seeing a touch of intelligence in how your fish swim and…